The Red House

What is the Red House you might ask? You’re probably wondering what I’m talking about… what does “Red House” represent? What is it’s significance?

Glad you asked- got a minute? The Red House to the average Jack and Jill is just another house. But to this Jack and Jill, it is THE house. It is our last house (for now).

It is the house designed for my family, by my family to fit my family. It is designed for how we live, as well as how we want to live. It’s the crash site of our lives.

It is what we would do if we could. Some of it may be what we did not do because we couldn’t. But mostly, it will be a vast experiment of doing everything we ever wanted to do in our customers’ homes.

If you didn’t know better, you might drive by without ever realizing what it was. Or, you may drive by think, “why does that barn have so many windows?”

To us, the Red House is the place where we see ourselves ministering to others, friends, family, construction partners, team members, perfect strangers, and to you.

Our hope is that you may better be prepared for your build project by living vicariously through us as we blog our way through our project. We will explore how life is reflected in the decisions that we made during the project. What design aspects of the home are affected by the way we live.

The Red House is significant because it is Root Construction at its best. Suppliers, subcontractors and team members come together to give our customers the experience of a lifetime and the interpretation of their dreams in technicolor. Only this time, the customer is me!!


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